Love River Nature Conservation Network Report "The Pond Skater Report "No.1
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How do you do 

Aikawa(LoveRiver) Nature Conservation Network would be inaugurated, it will pass through two years and the 1st time of a general meeting, and about 6 times of the reports per year will be published at last. Report charge is Yoshikawa Kumiko  and Ooki Etsuko (secretariat). 
This communication is also "forum "talk with which the member who cannot meet easily usually, and concerned people share information and an awareness of the issues with, and exchange mutual opinions. 
Please bring near freely a question, a question and a proposal, an opinion, a recent state, miscellaneous impressions, an activity report, information, and others. 

The insects we met in the Oyama arable land of early summer 

It was also able to meet such great insects this year. 

ITOAMEMBO (extinct species) 
End of June, 2001 

AOHADA dragonfly ♂ (endangered species) 
End of May, 2001

Morton ITOTOMBO♂ (endangered species) 
End of June, 2001 

End of June, 2001 


Wanted The direction which can cooperate in ITOAMEMBO investigation is looked for. - 

Red data kind ITOAMEMBO of a country will be checked in the paddy field of the Oyama arable land, and full-scale investigation first also in the whole country will be conducted focusing on the specialists of an insect in the autumn of last year. 

Locally, we who are tackling environmental-preservation activity of this area also want to cooperate. It is a thing that distribution investigation is conducted, it will apply for one year centering on important area and ecology investigation is conducted after that till autumn. Results of an investigation can be used for preservation of the environment of the Oyama arable land. In the farmland policy planning division chief's talk, when these results of an investigation are collected and environment was preserved, it was expected that it probably became the precious article and property of Aikawa-cho. 

Insect (precious kind) investigation of the Oyama arable land is conducted by Professor Jun-ichi front Yokohama country size and Aoki last year. Of course, it changes the route plan of the center of a paddy field into a bank side, and when Professor Aoki also did ま for the living thing from る立場 at the proposal in February of this year, although it is better not to build a road, since there was also voice which overlooks a road while asking for environmental preservation, the townsman was asked for it so that a scale and lighting might also be changed. 

The town received this proposal and explained the change proposal of the route, the scale, and lighting of municipal road 幣山下平線, and the change proposal of 農道 in the mountain side waterway case at the Diet in March. About 農道, the request document has already come out of 4 outside within the prefecture organization. 

As a result of earth and sand's going into a paddy field side in large quantities by dredge of a mountain side waterway in April, it worried about the influence of the habitation on ITOAMEMBO. Wood of the Masatoshi Takakuwa curator and the Saitama size of the star and earth museum of a prefectural life Investigation for the above preservation can be performed by influence of of-instruction [ of right beauty ] - others. It is the activity which is じみち and needs a help for the environmental preservation of the Oyama arable-land circumference although it is indispensable investigation. 

Aikawa Nature Netowork has already cooperated in this investigation, it is still a situation with few participants Even if it is not a member, it is being wished it is surely applied [ have / た / you / I ] to people with interest and concern. Please inform of those who cooperate in investigation to a secretariat and a big tree. In addition, since a paddy field is important farmland, when carrying out investigation and observation, notice it about below. 

  • Do not go into a paddy field. 
  • Do not break a ridge. 
  • Do not touch crops, such as a rice. 
  • Take care so that it may not become trouble of agricultural work. 
  • Do not dumpe garbage . 
Moreover, a living thing should consider a habitation situation and should not bring it home recklessly. 

The observation report on July 8 

By the observation on July 8, it met many following living things. (Participant:Kobayashi, a big tree, Yoshikawa) 

It was able to meet with that that is likely to be right and a long time at the Japanese meadow frog. 

We are carrying out such a thing  - Member Activity Introduction - 

Yoshikawa family : Department of the Environment - familiar -- living -- thing investigation - participation "Cast-skin investigation of semi" 

The first general meeting report 

Time : Sun., June 24, 2001 13:00- 
Place : The contents of the Nakatsu public hall : 

  1. The first language 
  2. Self-introduction Miyamoto (new member), a big tree, Sato, Yanagiisji, Yoshihiro, Sugawara, Yoshikawa, Kamata 
  3. President election Yanagiishi 
  4. Proceedings deliberations It recognized with applause about each bill of a publication below. 
Kakumaru quadrangle blow off: I will ask of you well for one year!!
No. [ No. 1 ] bill Conclusion of the activity in the Heisei 12 fiscal year (proposal:big tree) 
 Accounting report in the Heisei 12 fiscal year (proposal:Yoshihiro) 
No. [ No. 2 ] bill The action policy in the Heisei 13 fiscal year, and activity plan (proposal:big tree) 
 Budget in the Heisei 13 fiscal year (proposal:Yoshihiro) 
It is related with < activity plan and is >. 
    • A report publishes 1 time to a standard in two months. 
    • A regular meeting etc. takes into consideration the possible time in which it restricts and everybody tends to participate. 
    • I hope development - That each man works in each field, has a point of contact by somewhere, and can tackle in each scene. 
     No. [ No. 3 ] bill About agreement amendment (proposal:big tree) 
     No. [ No. 4 ] bill About a role assignment (proposal : big tree) 
    5. Dismissal of Chairperson 
    6. Last language 
In addition, an examination matter 
- Make the name of a report into "The Pond Skater Report." 
- Consider the distribution method of a report as mailing or stock distribution. 
- A regular meeting takes every month [ principle ] for the 2nd Sundays. 

One of the activity plans 

It is due to discuss by submitting the open question (proposal) to the Aikawa mayor candidacy schedule person. 

Please give me your opinion to a big tree by August 19. (It inquires at any time in the meantime) 

Subsequent schedules are planning the following. 

It is the last check at a August 20 expansion regular meeting. (each candidacy schedule person is passed after 27 day) 
A text reply will be received from a candidacy schedule person by September 30. 
It will be the official announcement of the contents of a reply at the beginning of October. 
* Suit, and a かわ natural network does not support and support the specific candidate (schedule) person and specific successful candidate in a public office election.

This finger, and rare and a member independence plan 
- Or [ not building ] - it carries out straw sandals, Japanese sandals (straw and bamboo sheath), and , and is inside. - 

Date: Sat., August 18 
Time Between: 1:00p.m. - 5:00 
Place Place: Nakatsu public hall (ladies plaza) The first floor conference room 
Participating expense: 200 yen (the cost of materials is no charge) 

* Although a lecturer does not get down, "how to build the people implement of Kawasaki" is built to reference. 

Applicate to Ooki! 046-284-2121 


- Summer vacation plan - observation of - aquatic life living thing which will play on a river - 
Day: Mon., August 20 It postpones on the 27th in case of rainy weather. 
Meeting time: 9:00a.m. - 
Meeting place: Front side of public toilet ,mountain side of The Hasuge Bridge,
Contens : 
9:00- The Oyama arable land is walked along it and observed. 
10:00- Bank It gets down from stylish どまり to Nakatsugawa, and is observation of an aquatic life living thing at a loose flow. 
12:00- It is the shade of a dry river bed and is lunch. 
12:30- Expansion regular meeting 
持 ち Thing: Lunch Canteen Towel Shoes which may be damp Hat (if it is a net and bucket) 
Proposal Inside People: Mr. Hirofumi Moriya (Kanagawa insect discourse meeting) 
Applicate to Ooki! 046-284-2121 

Next regular meeting schedule 
Sun., September 9 9:00 a.m. - observation walking (also ITOAMEMBO investigation) 
1:30 p.m. - a regular meeting 

- Thank you for donation. 

- From Mr. Yoji Kamata (new member)  Video "With development, some are learned from" - RADAKKU. 
pamphlet "-- since global -- a local -- " 
- From Mr. Keizo Yoshie (former member)  Book 

- Thank you for contribution. 
- Mr. Okada Kazuyoshi 
- Mr. Motohiko Shigehisa 
- Mr. Kamata Yoji 


- August 10  谷戸 and 寺家 home country village inspection which is Machida, or Kiyama and Onda of し 
- 16-August 30  Living thing investigation of personal appearance A photograph and habitation map exhibition 
" -- it was found - suiting -- Aikawa(LoveRiver) 
at: The Nakatsu public hall (ladies plaza) exhibition corner 
- August 22 or the 23rd  It goes NHK metropolitan area stylish and is in it being wide (5:00p.m. -). 
"A trip, experience, and introduction" of Aikawa-cho It broadcasts. 
Theme: It is an old private house and is the production of a thing. 
Water gives and they are - sweet fish and the living things of the waterside and a paddy field zone. 
(The Oyama arable land is also introduced) 

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