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仭 Aikawa [ Love River ] Nature Conservation Network (environmental citizen group) inauguration.
Aikawa-machi [ Love River Town ] public relations magazine The October 1, 1999 issue

It suits and is 偐傢 natural network introduction (picture a total of 42 kb(s)).
Hand Beautiful Nature Of 
 OurHome Town Over 
TheNext Generation 

  Our circle is before to practice from the place of a life in order to keep the beautiful nature of a home country. The Aikawa-machi Basic Environment Plan decision workshop (Meeting which hears an opinion) Between the growth which was alike, and mind suited when it participated It was inaugurated in a gathering and May of this year. 

It is line intermediary about the argument which became white-hot on the basis of the actual condition which walked along this town from the garbage of personal appearance in the workshop with broad views, such as the appearance of the small animal which is there [ the dirt of river, and ] useful, or a plant, illegal abandonment of garbage, a scene, and scenery, recycling, and was investigated. 

We are blessed with monochrome and have enjoyed the rich life today. On the other hand, environmental pollution is very anxious. 

It is necessary to part to a 20th century type life of mass production, mass consumption, and extensive abandonment, and every person needs to establish a new life style to optimum production, consumption, and the minimum abandonment towards a new century. And I want to take over the beautiful nature of Aikawa-cho to the generation of children or grandchildren. 

Activity makes the second Sunday eye the regular meeting presently every month. 

You consent to this main point of ours, and it participates. The friend is collected. It is waiting for many of your participation. 

[Contact] (046) 285-2845 Kameda (leader) -- or 
(046) 284-2121 big tree (secretariat) until . 

Love River Nature Consevation Network 


1. Name  Aikawa Sizen Network 
[Love River Nature Network]
2. Purpose 


In order that we may keep the beautiful nature of "Aikawa" and may hand over
our child or a grandchild's generation, we join mutually and tackle the following matter.

Learn to each other, work for the improvement in self-, and information exchange, and raise environmental consciousness.

Practice an eco-friendly life style at the place of everyday life.

Endeavor after the dispatch which is useful with nature and which it waited for and was turned to town-plannning, and extend the ring of resonance.

3. Member 
The person who gets interested in the nature and the environmental preservation of Aikawa, and can practice. 

Member A regular meeting and a general meeting are attended, and the contents of activity are decided and it tackles. (Member whom, as for the family member, each people became independent of)

Supporting member Information offer of guidance of a report and a plan etc. is received. Information is exchanged and it is 昁. According to an important point, activity is tackled together.

4. With Sponsor 



Secretariat One person It takes charge of office work and connection at large. 

Record One person It is  about adjustment of activity record or the conclusion of the data to manage and information. This.

Public relations One person It takes charge of dispatch outside or PR. 

Accounts One person It takes charge of the settlement of accounts of operational expenses. 
Inspector One person The settlement of accounts of operational expenses is audited. For suitable accounting treatment and the suitable purpose Manager JINENTO which accompanied is performed or it inspects. 

Project person in charge The project team of each plan and theme is built, and it is

5. Fee  Yearly amount
Member 2,000 yen 
Family member 3,000 yen
Supporting member 1,500 yen 
6. Sum Total Fiscal Year  It is referred to as March [ next year ] 31 more every year than April 1. 
7. Sponsor 
Election and a term of office 
(1) Election of a sponsor is taken as mutual election of a member. 
(2) Set a sponsor's term of office as for two years. However, reappointment is not barred. 
8. Activity 
(1) Regular activity takes every month a principle [ the second Sunday ]. 
(2) Talk timely according to a theme if needed. 
(3) Carry out a principle [ approval a large number ] about an international proposal and international dispatch. 

1 book agreement revises the old agreement of enforcement from September 1, Heisei 11 (1999). It goes back and enforces on April 1, Heisei 13 (2001).
2 Revision of this agreement needs the support more than the half of MEMPA. 
3 The secretariat of this circle is put on the method of Nakatsu 6205 Ooki丂Etsuko. 


The member who does both activities that suit and watch the important nature of a home country in Aikawa Nature Network, and the supporting member who has you support are collected.
丂Postal transfer account name : Aikawa Sizen Network
丂Account number : 00210-1-69500 
丂Fee : The supporting member of 1,500 yen (a report and guidance sending) 
丂Member of 2,000 yen The family member of 3,000 yen 
仠 Application - Ask, : Aikawa Sizen Network  secretariat. Ooki Etsuko
丂6205, Nakatsu, Aikawa-machi, Kanagawa pref. 243-0303